Woodlea Estate, Rockbank
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Woodlea Estate, Rockbank


Mirvac and VIP


Rockbank, Victoria

Woodlea Estate will be one of the largest masterplanned communities in Victoria, with over 7,000 residential lots.

Commencing in 2000, we worked with Mirvac and VIP on advocacy for the project. More recently we’ve taken on the role as lead engineering consultant.

Woodlea Estate has given our team many challenges along the way.

The pre-existing water and sewer infrastructure was insufficient to meet the future demands of the new residents. Collaborating with Western Water, we were able to make extensive, yet efficient, upgrades to this system.

Precinct 1 wetland was Spiire’s first major project in a conservation area. The endangered Growling Grass Frog inhabits the Deanside wetlands near the location of Precinct 1 wetland. Appropriate precautions and utmost care were taken during construction to ensure no habitat was disturbed by machinery and workers. Throughout the design process, Spiire worked closely with DELWP to satisfy federal regulations in regards to the protection of this endangered species. Upon completion of the stormwater treatment wetland, Growling Grass frogs have already been observed claiming the new habitat.

Spiire also developed a rain garden with a treatment surface area of 850 square metres, making it one of the largest raingardens in Melbourne. Spiire worked with stakeholders Melton City Council and Melbourne Water to ensure maintenance and functionality were well understood.

The Water Engineering team undertook extensive investigations as part of the development process for the Woodlea site. These included storm water management strategies for three precincts, an integrated water management plan and an OLV funded Whole of Water management cycle study. Spiire is assisting Melbourne Water in the development of drainage schemes for the area.

A key element of the projects’ success is continuous stakeholder management with Western Water, Melbourne Water and DELWP. Stakeholder’s were updated every two months on upcoming water projects and progress of designed assets.

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Woodlea Estate entry statement

In December 2015, Woodlea Estate was named Australia’s fastest selling, masterplanned community by the National Land Survey Program. To meet these demands from new residents, our dedicated team was able to increase their output under reduced timelines.

Woodlea Estate demonstrates Spiire’s ability to maintain strong, long-term relationships and deliver on client outcomes over an extended period of time.

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