Aintree Sewer Pumping Station
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Spiire’s Water Engineering and Civil Engineering teams were engaged by Mirvac & VIP to undertake the civil design of the Aintree Sewer Pump Station (SPS) and Sewer Rising Main (SRM). Spiire was also tasked with the acquisition of the various approvals/permits from external stakeholders. In addition, Spiire’s Surveying team were engaged to undertake the feature and level survey and easement plans for the project.

The client required these assets in order to convey sewage flows from the Woodlea development to the Rockbank SPS. Western Water also had a key interest in this project as the ultimate owners of the assets. In addition to the Aintree assets, the design of the Deanside Water Main (WM) was also included in the project scope, as this could be installed in a common trench with the Aintree SRM.

There were some key challenges associated with the design of the Aintree SPS and SRM, notably the ground conditions (basalt bedrock), as well as some key environmental and cultural heritage approvals that had to be acquired with Melton City Council, DELWP and Aboriginal Victoria.

The Aintree SRM and Deanside WM are to be installed under a federal-protected wetland, hence it was agreed to bore (horizontal directional drill) both of these pipelines under the existing wetland. Additionally, in order to connect to the Rockbank SPS, the Aintree SRM is required to cross the Western Freeway, hence it was proposed to bore (horizontal directional drill) under the freeway, which required approval from VicRoads.

Spiire were able to successfully complete the design of these assets and acquire the necessary stakeholder approvals in a timely manner. The team led the tender process and will undertake the contract administration during the construction of these assets.

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