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  • 3D Visualisation Renders
  • 3D Visualisation Property Films
  • Virtual Reality & 360 Video Production
  • Creative Technology & Ed Tech

Our Visual Media team provide 3D Visualisation Renders, 3D Visualisation Property Films, Creative Technology Solutions and content from our offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton, Gippsland and Albury/WodongaThe digital projects we deliver support the design, stakeholder engagement, community consultation and marketing phases of projects. 

Our multiple award-winning studio are 3D visualisation artists and creative technologists. We take an inquisitive approach and explore ideas in partnership with our clients to fully understand their needs from the outset. This ensures we design bespoke solutions that maximise the benefits for all stakeholders and the end user experience.

We are different because we challenge ourselves to provide innovative solutions to complex problems, we are part of a truly integrated consultancy, and we are strongly connected with the industry.

We are innovative thinkers who embrace creative technology to bring our clients projects to life. Creative technology, stakeholder requirements and our clients’ needs change rapidly, so we are often required to look for solutions outside the box. Where others see problems, we see potential. We live and breathe big ideas. We never shy away from complex challenges. Instead, we take these as opportunities to delve deep into our technical and creative expertise. This ensures we deliver forward-thinking solutions for our clients.

Our 3D artists and software developers are part of a multi-disciplinary team. This integration with other disciplines, together with our deep technical and creative skills, allows us to understand the project and client drivers. We take our clients on a journey, using technology and creative insights, to support the successful delivery of project outcomes. We regularly collaborate with our in-house town planners, urban designers, civil engineers, landscape architects, surveyors and water engineers. An example of this is the delivery of 3D renders and animations to capture the creative vision of our Landscape Architecture team and their design.

We are strongly connected with the industry and are active members of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) and Property Council of Australia (PCA). This connection ensures we deliver dynamic and forward-thinking outcomes for our clients in response to market conditions and drivers. We recently developed a Virtual Sales Office concept for our land development clients in response to social distancing measures. This is one example of our ability to understand and quickly respond to our clients evolving needs.

Watch our Studio’s production reel below for a snapshot of the work we deliver.

Our creative team deliver the following services for property and infrastructure projects:

3D Visualisation Renders

We develop architectural and creative visualisations which assist in the design development, community consultation and marketing of property and infrastructure projects.  These include high quality concept images, photo-realistic imagery and 3D modelling from sketch or CAD data. We reproduce colour, light and texture with exceptional accuracy and realism to truly bring our clients’ projects to life.

3D Visualisation Property Films

Our creative team communicate our clients’ projects through captivating story and motion.  We animate designs through movement in space, interaction with light, the environment, and people to create visions of things that don’t yet exist. We develop visual content including animated sequences, aerial fly-throughs, in house music scores and enhanced video production which effectively connect the viewer with the intent and design story of a project.

Virtual Reality & 360 Video Production

Our highly experienced team produce innovative solutions that re-define and reinvent the way we engage stakeholders and deliver enterprise level to individual projects. We use Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to provide engaging experiences. This interface transports the viewer into a virtual space which encourages people to engage in the world they see in front of them. Applications for this technology include.

  • 360 video production
  • Interactive 360 VR software development
  • Real-time VR environments

We also provide Virtual Consultation Rooms which are an interactive web-based portal that can be used to engage and consult with clients and stakeholders. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this resilient tool provides users a seamless digital environment to visualise projects without the need to be onsite.

Creative Technology & Ed Tech

We utilise creative technology solutions to create larger than life immersive and interactive experiences. These experiences allow the user to physically engage via movement, touch, speech, and mobile devices.

We are experienced in delivering interactive touch screens, video walls and immersive projection to assist in sales and marketing processes, community consultation and stakeholder engagement.

  • Interactive tables and video walls
  • Interactive projections
  • Mixed reality applications (i.e. hololens)
  • Augmented reality applications

Our Visual Media studio won the 2021 UDIA Victoria Consultants’ Excellence Award for Innovation for the Austin Lara Interactive Table.

Our team also provide Enhanced Panoramic 360 Project Updates to assist the sales and project delivery processes for our property development clients.

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