Elizabeth Hamila

Principal Civil Engineering




  • Detailed design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Infrastructure
  • Project management

Liz has been with Spiire since 1991 and is part of our engineering leadership team.

A civil engineer with over 33 years’ experience in urban development, she has worked across infrastructure planning, sub-divisional design and project management.

Liz also contributes to municipal strategic studies and major development plans, she often also provides expert evidence to planning panels, land compensation and other valuation disputes.

Her skillset means that she’s involved in feasibility assessments for due diligence and project start-ups.

Liz has a great talent in finding innovative solutions to complex problems, which can be seen in her work on Australia’s fastest selling community, Woodlea Estate.

Liz’s skillset includes detailed design, feasibility studies, infrastructure and project management.