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Water Engineering

Specialist Services

  • Urban Stormwater 
  • Flood Management 
  • Water and Wastewater Engineering 

We provide water engineering services for property and infrastructure projects in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong, BallaratBendigoShepparton, Gippsland and Albury / Wodonga.

Our passionate team of water specialists deliver the full range of water engineering services including the management of urban stormwater, flooding and water & wastewater infrastructure.

We are different because we are creative thinkers driven to develop project solutions, we collaborate to deliver innovative outcomes and we are strongly connected with the industry.

Complex problems require creative thinking. As experienced consultants we have the depth of knowledge to develop creative solutions in response to project opportunities. This approach considers the whole water cycle and enables us to deliver sustainable, smart and resilient project outcomes. Our experience, gained over almost 20 years, also allows us to create ‘on the ground’ practical solutions that achieve client, community and environmental goals. We never shy away from complex challenges, instead we take these as opportunities to delve deep into our diverse technical expertise. This depth of knowledge also allows us to ‘challenge the norm’ and regularly present new project-based insights to industry. 

Our partnered approach to projects is a key part of how we work and the outcomes we achieve. We believe that stakeholder relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. Our team regularly partner with clients, authorities and complementary technical specialists. The trust we gain through partnering regularly enables us the push the boundaries of design to provide benefits to all stakeholders, the community and the environment. We provide valuable insights and take our clients on a journey to help them to understand the full potential of a project. One example of this is the delivery of Water Sensitive Urban Design projects in collaboration with our Landscape Architecture team. This collaboration ensures outcomes that benefit both the community and the environment.  

Our team are connected to the industry and are active members of Australian Water Association (AWA), Stormwater Victoria and Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA). We believe that this connection is integral to delivering forward-thinking, innovative outcomes for our clients. In addition, our team have long-standing relationships with local Councils and relevant authorities.

Water engineering, spiire, canberra, melbourne, albury, wodonga, bendigo, shepparton

Our passionate team deliver the full range of water engineering services including the following:

Urban Stormwater 

We provide Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), drainage design, construction supervision, asset management, stormwater harvesting, integrated water management planning, and surface water management.  

Flood Management 

We take a strategic approach to flood management planning and flood modelling. We produce flood modelling reports, reviews, risk assessments and a full suite of flood mapping. This looks to the longterm sustainable management of flooding for people, property, infrastructure planning and the environment. 

Water and Wastewater Engineering 

Our water and wastewater engineering team specialise in the delivery of water and wastewater infrastructure. This includes minor and major pipelines, pumping stations, water treatment plants, water storages and lagoons.

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