Alexandra Brown

Practice Area Leader Senior Associate Integrated Water




  • Flood estimation
  • Integrated water management strategies
  • Project management
  • Stormwater harvesting
  • Water sensitive urban design

Related Service

Alexandra has more than five years’ experience working in both our civil and water engineering teams.

She is passionate about the integration of water into communities and bringing a collaborative innovative approach to Spiire’s projects.

Alexandra’s current role as a team leader in our Water Business Unit lets her bring a combination of technical, strategic and managerial skills to all of her projects.

She works closely with local councils, authorities and private developers to deliver water related designs, strategic documentations, due diligence assessments, asset audits, construction inspections and project management on a range of projects within greenfield, brownfield, government, and infrastructure sectors.

Alexandra is also a regular contributor to industry events and technical forums, which sees her showcase ideas, impart knowledge and be inspired.