Scarborough Road Drainage Pipeline, Geelong
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Scarborough Road Drainage Pipeline, Geelong


City of Greater Geelong



Spiire’s Water Engineering and Civil Engineering teams were engaged by City of Greater Geelong to design a major drainage pipeline in Scarborough Road, Geelong. The purpose of the drainage design was to fix a nuisance flooding problem in a rural living area adjacent to Corio Bay. The flooding, caused by upstream development, meant that there were more frequent flows traversing farmland causing erosion and decreasing the workability of the land. Council had undertaken the design of a section of drainage pipe but were faced with numerous challenges and constraints in diverting flows away from private property and towards Corio Bay.

Spiire’s team worked through options with Council which included the design of a pipeline from the escarpment where farmland was located down a cliff face into the bay. Considerations in design included tides, sea level rise and climate change, geotechnical conditions, accessibility during construction. The design also required the engagement and approvals from DELWP and Parks Victoria.

The final design solution, which is currently under construction, included a ‘rail pipe’. This is a high erosion resistance pipe design that eliminated the need for numerous large drop pits down the cliff face. The outlet was designed as a spilling well structure to dissipate flows entering the bay to minimise the impacts of erosion and disturbance to the water’s edge.

Spiire’s Integrated Water and Civil Engineering teams involved in this project are based locally in Geelong and continue to provide Council with technical advice and support during the construction process.

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