Aquarevo, Lyndhurst
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Aquarevo, Lyndhurst


Villawood and South East Water


Lyndhurst, Victoria

Aquarevo, located in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburb of Lyndhurst is a master planned community of 460 lots.

A collaboration between Villawood Properties and South East Water, Aquarevo seeks to push the boundaries in sustainable living, aiming to be Australia’s most water and energy-efficient residential development when complete.

Innovation is at the forefront of Aquarevo’s vision. Up to 70 per cent of household water will be saved by using rainwater tanks to supply hot water, and recycled water to be supplied for toilets and gardens. Solar panels will reduce household use of non-renewable energy by up to 50 per cent.

The site will provide five hectares of open space, featuring four kilometres of walking trails, playgrounds, exercise equipment, BBQ and picnic areas.

For the open space design, Spiire’s brief was to create a landscape masterplan with water, sustainably and healthy living embedded as the central themes.

Our masterplan weaves together water and people in unique ways, bringing new connections between community and environment. For us it was important to ensure that we created connectedness through our design whilst maintaining the sustainability element of the brief.

We have used the theme of the movement of water through the urban environment as the inspiration for the central playspace, creating interactive and exciting play elements.

When complete, the bold and colourful structures themed around water will redefine the urban setting as a truly unique water themed space.

Scheduled for delivery over the next decade, Aquarevo sets the benchmark in Australia for sustainability and water management within masterplanned communities.

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