Essendon Fields Interactive Display
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Essendon Fields Interactive Display


Essendon Fields


Essendon Fields

Spiire’s Visual Media team were engaged by Essendon Fields to create a custom tool to show case the existing and proposed features of a business park precinct on Essendon Airport land to potential customers.

Measuring 305 hectares in area, Essendon Fields is a substantial mixed-use retail, commercial and aviation precinct that comprises a blend of airport, offices, car dealerships, entertainment, child care, hotel and event facilities.

Due to the significant scale of the site, the client had found that physical inspection of the land was inefficient, and that CAD colour plans also lacked the engaging detail for potential customers to visualise the project and grasp the design and layout of all available facilities.

The team utilised a 3D model of the site which was then channelled through a visual digital twin style interactive touch display. This tool not only allowed for easy navigation throughout the site without having to leave the site office, but also allowed for potential customers to interact with the model and view visual representations and detailed information on the various precincts and future developments. This could include highlighting specific elements, such as available lots / tenancies, current and future buildings, street names and their proximity to other facilities and amenities of interest.

In addition, a content management system was developed providing our client the ability to independently make detailed updates to text and media content (for example, precinct category, image galleries, building names etc.) in alignment with their changing needs.

The rich and detailed visual content delivered through this bespoke sales tool provided greater engagement with customers who could experience the many features of the project in an interactive manner. The utilisation of this digital model also abated the need for physical site inspections creating efficiencies for both potential customers and Essendon Fields sales staff.

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