M40 Water Main Renewal
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M40 Water Main Renewal


Melbourne Water


Northcote, Victoria


  • Infrastructure
M40 Water Main Renewal and Reinstatement Project

The M40 Water Main Renewal and Reinstatement project is situated on 2 kilometres of St Georges Road in Northcote.

The project’s main aim is to reinstate critical, community infrastructure and assets using civil landscape design.

In January 2016, negative stakeholder feedback regarding the proposed works appeared in the press. As a result, Spiire was commissioned to lead the stakeholder engagement process and develop a masterplan and detailed design for the corridor.

Our team managed the expectations set by the key lobby groups that involved green spaces, road safety and the sharing of pathways.

As a result of our consultations, we created a masterplan that satisfies all stakeholders.

The design for the reinstatement will regenerate the corridor with a net increase in the number of trees and vegetation.

We will also build a wider and safer, shared-user path for cyclists and pedestrians.

Interpretive signage will be used to define the significant history of the corridor.

This project showcases Spiire’s negotiating abilities with a range of stakeholders.

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