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Virtual Consultation Room

Developed in collaboration between our Visual Media and Surveying and Spatial teams, Virtual Consultation Rooms are an interactive web-based portal that are used to engage and consult with clients and stakeholders. Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this resilient tool provides users a seamless digital environment to visualise projects without the need to be onsite.

So how does the Virtual Consultation Room work?

The portal brings together an array materials such as videos, self guided virtual reality site tours (including 360 panoramic views), maps and plans together, displayed on screens in one virtual room. The tool allows the user to navigate or be guided through the virtual room to interactively experience a project.

The material displayed in the Virtual Consultation Room can also be personalised to suit the given project or the needs of the client.

What are the benefits of Virtual Consultation Rooms?

By bringing visualisations, interactive apps, videos and other visual materials together in one place, this interactive portal can be used for an array of engagement and consultation activities.

The portal is used to enhance the sales process for our property development clients by allowing for current and potential customers to explore existing and planned features of a project without leaving home. The tool can also be personalised to provide information and demonstrate the many features of any given project in order to enhance stakeholder engagement and community consultation processes and can be readily uploaded to the web or embedded into a website.

An example of this functionality is provided below

The example Virtual Consultation Room above was used by Spiire’s water engineering team as a client and industry stakeholder engagement tool to demonstrate the functioning and operation of the Melbourne Airport Stormwater Harvesting Scheme project post construction.

The portal allowed our water engineers to stage a slide presentation whilst clients and stakeholders could self-navigate the Virtual Conference Room and interactively experience a virtual tour of the facilities and access asset data, information video, areal site map and Spiire website.

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