Thornhill Park Sewer Pumping Station
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Thornhill Park Sewer Pumping Station


Welsh Group



Spiire’s Water Engineering and Civil Engineering teams were engaged by Welsh Group to undertake the initial sewer servicing strategy for the Thornhill Park development. The team subsequently worked with WSP Australia and Aquatec to complete the functional design and detailed design of the Thornhill Park Sewer Pump Station (SPS). Spiire’s Surveying team were also engaged to provide construction and cadastral services to the project.

The ultimate goal of the client was to convey sewage flows from Thornhill Park Estate to the Melton Water Recycling Plant (WRP). As the ultimate owners of the assets, Western Water also had a key interest in this project.

The project involved the design of a new sewer pumping station (of 150 litres per second capacity) and associated ancillaries; including odour control and ~500kL of emergency storage (allowing the asset to receive sewage flows from approximately 2,000 lots within the Thornhill Park development.

There were some key challenges associated with the design project, notably the ground conditions (basalt bedrock) and the interface with the neighbouring wetland and parklands.

Thornhill Park SPS was Western Water’s first, larger diameter pre-cast SPS. This meant the design team had to work collaboratively with Western Water operations to ensure the design met key requirements.

Due to a tight delivery program, the decision was made to revert to a pre-cast wet well from a cast-in-situ wet well. Spiire worked closely with Western Water to come up with a pre-cast SPS design in a timely manner. This intelligent solution meant the SPS was installed in time to capture sewage flows from residential lots under construction upstream.

Spiire were able to complete the design of the Thornhill Park SPS and acquire the necessary stakeholder approvals in a timely manner, including approval from Western Water. Following design, the team led the tender process to facilitate the successful construction of the asset.

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