Lonsdale Golf Club Re-Establishment
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In 2005, Lonsdale Golf Club, on the Bellarine Peninsula, had a declining membership and an ageing course in need of rejuvenation.

Spiire was engaged to re-establish the course as one of the best in the region.

The creative solution was to make a subdivision for residential development to fund the re-establishment of the golf course.

We prepared a combined planning scheme amendment and planning permit application. It proposed that we create a new course layout with extended boundaries, which had environmental sensitivities.

Taking over the project in 2005, we inherited a conceptual layout plan that wasn’t supported by the local council because of these sensitivities.

Our first task was to maximise the retention of the existing trees within a new layout acceptable to the Council.

Once completed, this provided the momentum to continue with the wider changes to the layout of the course within the limited choices of available land.

By extending the course to the boundary of the Lonsdale Lakes Wildlife Reserve and areas of former shell grit extraction, a project of significant environmental restoration and enhancement was proposed.

By overcoming the Council’s objections, we balanced the social and recreational benefits of redeveloping the golf course as a community facility with the environmental impacts of the new fairways.

Spiire’s approach was to address the environmental concerns in such a way to arrive at an overall net benefit to all concerned.


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