Leneva Water Management Plan
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Leneva Water Management Plan


City of Wodonga


Leneva, Victoria

Leneva Whole of Water Cycle Management Plan

The City of Wodonga is one of the fastest growing regional centres in Australia. They’ve established Leneva-Baranduda as their priority growth area in the medium to long term.

The large-scale residential development planned for Leneva will provide 14,000 new homes for approximately 35,000 people by 2060.

The Leneva Whole of Water Cycle Management (WOWCM) Plan looks at how to implement long-term water usage and systems for the area.

In 2014, Spiire partnered with North East Water to deliver initial objectives for the project through to its final outcomes.

The initiatives were developed with the seven aspects of WOWCM in mind.

Strong stakeholder engagement was achieved by transparent methods of collaboration. These included a thorough options evaluation assessment including economic, environmental and social outcomes.

By presenting our concepts in a clear graphic format, the stakeholders felt fully involved and we gained strong support for our plan.

The WOWCM plan offers a strong framework for the council’s vision for the Leneva-Baranduda growth area. It highlights how the community will become sustainable with the highest standards in liveability by elevating the best practice urban design.

The WOWCM plan has become a critical strategic investigation to inform the growth planning for Wodonga and Baranduda.

In 2015, the Leneva project received a High Commendation Award for Excellence in Strategic or Masterplanning at the annual Stormwater Victoria Excellence Awards.

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