Hume West Industrial Estate, Canberra
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Hume West Industrial Estate, Canberra


Suburban Land Agency



Spiire’s Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Construction Consultancy teams were engaged by the Suburban Land Agency (SLA) to provide integrated consultancy services for an industrial estate at Hume West.  The site spanning 11 hectares, consists of eight industrial lots.

Our team has managed challenging conditions on site throughout construction. A groundwater aquifer located beneath the road and verge required bespoke drainage infrastructure to be implemented, amongst other considerations, to mitigate its effects in the long term.

The site also contained large amounts of uncontrolled and unclassified stockpiled material from previous stages of Hume. This required extensive client and stakeholder negotiations to facilitate the screening and removal of over to 90,000 m3 of material.

The Hume West project required extensive contractor management and assessment of numerous variation claims due to the unknown nature of the site. In particular, relating to the management of potentially contaminated stockpiled material and numerous unexpected finds. Additionally, extensive liaison with stakeholders such as the EPA and Icon Water had been required to resolve issues surrounding the removal and reuse of unapproved stockpile material and resolve issues relating to existing non-compliant infrastructure.

Spiire’s project team consists of a superintendent’s representative, administering an AS 2124 contract, project director and quality assurance site surveillance officer. The project team is further supported by a local office, staffed by employees with decades of experience in development within Canberra and its surrounding regions.

Our Landscape Architecture team prepared street tree plans and drainage corridor plans for stage 2A of the the development. The environmental values of the industrial estate will be enhanced through the streetscape and drainage corridor as the landscape matures.  Careful street tree selection and placement promotes optimum canopy cover throughout the streets within site constraints, while the drainage corridor will develop into an inviting and bio-diverse open space with open grassed areas, canopy trees and creek line planting.

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