Gateway Island Masterplan, Wodonga
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Gateway Island Masterplan, Wodonga


Wodonga City Council



Spiire’s Town Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture teams worked in collaboration to prepare the 2018 Gateway Island Masterplan. The scope of the project included a review of Gateway Island in the context of the applicable Planning Scheme and specialist desktop studies in the areas of Cultural Heritage and Tourism/Economic opportunities.

Our qualified team of consultants were engaged by Wodonga City Council based on our experience and particular expertise in the areas of environment, economics, cultural and heritage studies and community consultation.

The objectives to be achieved were to ensure future improvements to, and activation of, the Gateway Island Precincts respond to the local character. The promotion of a unified and holistic identity was also a key project objective. Preparation of strong design responses and clear guidelines encouraged appropriate design outcomes and built on the identifiable strengths of the Island.

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Gateway Island is flood prone with the entire landmass covered by a flood overlay (FO) under the Wodonga Planning Scheme. A range of planning zones are evident across the Island, with a significant part of the Island within the Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ).

Ownership of the Island is divided amongst areas that are owned by Council, the Department of Finance, private individuals and areas of Crown Land. An extensive community consultation and engagement program was therefore required. Our team also explored opportunities to use, or better utilise, the waterways and business opportunities (camping, caravan-park, hotel, cafes or sporting facilities) which will encourage visitation and increased patronage to the Island.

These opportunities were thoroughly analysed and translated into several key recommendations and actions for Gateway Island.

A major challenge for the project was acknowledging the competing uses and nature of the Precincts within Gateway Island. This required carefully balance approach to ensure a multi-functional, inviting, activated and safe place for community use and enjoyment.

Overall, the Gateway Island Master Plan considered land ownership, environmental and cultural heritage values and management arrangements. It also provided opportunities for future growth and development that is within the means of Council and the community.

The Gateway Island Master Plan was adopted at Wodonga’s December 2019 Council Meeting after almost 400 submissions and comments were received. The comprehensive plan will set out a blueprint for the development, enhancement and protection of the site over many decades.

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