Digital Strategy – Board and Executive Facilitation
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Digital Strategy – Board and Executive Facilitation


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Spiire was engaged by one of Australia’s leading property developers to uplift their digital knowledge and inform strategy for their Board and executive leaders.

Our digital specialists delivered an interactive presentation / workshop to a cohort of 20 senior business leaders, which looked towards the future of 2040 and delved into the pathways and possibilities for technological advancement.

This session pulled together a number of futurists presentations the Board and executives had experienced over a three-day education event. We created a tangible connection of how these concepts will work together.

The focus was on the convergence of the technology megatrends creating a more equitable future through industry 5.0, which reinforces the contribution of industry to society, beyond efficiency and productivity, with worker wellbeing at the centre of the production process. That future is based on the ability to source information and make informed decisions, which on a basic level means understanding the impacts we are making on our people, place, and economy.

To achieve this uplift in knowledge, our team helped delegates understand technology, showed how this technology is creating an interconnected web of data and information that will be shared across all facets of our lives, and used real world examples to highlight the opportunities for our client to leverage digital and data in their industry.

This future vision was supported by a macro analysis of global events and trends, including indications of Australia’s future approach to the digital economy and related law changes. This led to an insightful discussion with delegates on how industries could or would be disrupted in the future and where they wanted to be in that future world.

The end result increased the understanding of the future for all delegates. It helped them form the foundation of future assets, precincts, and experiences, which supported their goal of understanding how people will live, work, and play in years to come.

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