Bella Estate, Clyde
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Bella Estate, Clyde


National Pacific Properties



Bella Estate is a residential community that will contain over 450 lots located in Clyde in Melbourne’s south east.  Spiire were engaged by National Pacific Properties in late 2018 to provide Landscape Architecture services for the project. Our visual media team also provided 3D renders and animations to highlight the look and feel of the project.

The project vision was for the design to promote the green open space and natural wetlands as a main focus. Central to this vision is a one hectare community reserve in the heart of the project.  Accordingly, our Landscape team came up with a truly unique concept design which accommodates a series of amenities including playground, picnic area and a viewing platform over looking the waterway. The distinctive playground design challenges children’s problem solving and decision making skills. A 3D render of the playground is shown below.

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Open spaces with improved amenity and seating opportunities complement the functionality of the wetland areas and waterway. This provide opportunities for future residents to enjoy the waterfront and be closer to water.

The planting selection contains a mixed palette of indigenous, native and exotic species. To ensure successful establishment, robust species which will thrive in the soils and climatic conditions of Clyde have been selected. Whilst suited to the site conditions for optimal growth, these will also provide seasonal interest and habitat. Tree selection is robust and diverse, promoting streetscape activation by drawing people to use the streets.

In an integrated approach, our Visual Media team worked collaboratively with our landscape team in the design development phase to test different ideas and concepts. In addition, 3D renders and animated video illustrate a beautiful and photorealistic depiction of landscaped areas. The visual content, shown below, successfully captures the sense of lifestyle that Bella Clyde offers through the design of the open space.

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