Aurora Estate, Epping North
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Aurora Estate, Epping North




Epping North, Victoria

Aurora Estate is a large-scale residential development of 10,000 lots in Melbourne’s Epping North.

For over a decade, Spiire has led the integrated design team for the residential development for Lendlease. Our collaborative approach has provided surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture and water engineering services for the project.

Central to our vision was to deliver a model that could be used for future projects. We wanted to incorporate environmentally, socially and economically sustainable principles that made the most of the natural environment.

A focus was to provide a smart water management solution. Through recycling, we reduced drinking water demands and created effective waste management and rainwater harvesting solutions. This focus assisted Aurora Estate in being identified by the National Water Commission as an iconic water sensitive urban design project.

We also examined the energy contained in construction, building, and recycled materials. This ensured that we only used materials that protected the natural environment.

Greenhouse gas emissions were constantly evaluated. This allowed us to develop new ways to reduce these emissions, incorporating alternative energy sources into the overall design.

Spiire’s approach was to include a Sustainability Covenant, an Ecological Footprint and a Sustainability Indicator for this project. This allowed us to increase our resource efficiency, reduce the ecological impact and foster community interest and involvement in sustainability initiatives.

Our architecturally designed destination playspace reimagines residential community entry conditions. The park’s theme takes focus on the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) which the project is named after. It presents a bold, multi-programmed landscape that is playful, sustainable and beneficial for resident’s wellbeing.

The main structure is an artistic representation of the Aurora Australis which features solar panels that capture energy to power night time lighting displays.

When complete, the structure will offer a shaded, bespoke play area with glow-in-the-dark swings and seats, a sinuous climbing structure that doubles as sun protection, and a crater playspace packed with activities for all ages and abilities.

The park includes parking, free electric barbeques, drinking fountains, seating areas, a viewing deck, personal device charging points, and free Wi-Fi that’s accessible within a 70-metre radius.

Scheduled for completion in 2020, the estate is a showcase for sustainability and innovation, especially in its creative use of water management and its destination playspace.

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