Lisette Schlesinger-Hunt

Principal Urban Design




  • Advocacy
  • Delivery strategies
  • Greenfield and infill masterplanning
  • Town centre masterplanning
  • Urban design frameworks

Related Service

Lisette has extensive experience working in private practice throughout Australia.

She joined Spiire in 2016, bringing with her a highly developed appreciation of the principles of urban design and a deep sense of place in the public and private spaces.

Lisette has extensive experience leading key urban design and strategic land use planning projects throughout Australia and has particular interest in urban design strategy, visioning and master planning.

She has extensive knowledge of how projects are developed from the feasibility stage to delivery stage and the impact that urban design can have throughout the life of the project. This allows Lisette to collaborate with other professionals to seamlessly manage projects from the initial vision to the on-ground delivery for her clients.