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Enhanced Panoramic 360 Project Updates

Our Enhanced Panoramic 360 Project Updates (PPU360s) are used to engage with customers and project teams.

As part of an integrated property and infrastructure consultancy, our fleet of drones, and accredited CASA pilots, regularly capture aerial data and imagery during the planning, construction and final delivery phases of projects.

Our surveyors recently teamed up with our visual media artists to explore opportunities to further develop our products to enhance the  sales process for our property development clients. The result was the development of an interactive tool which allows for current and potential customers, as well as project teams, explore existing and planned features of a site against construction progress of a project

So what are Enhanced Panoramic 360 Project Updates?

Enhanced Panoramic Project Updates are 360 images that are overlaid with project design information and points of interest delivered as a web based interactive portal.  This portal allows a viewer to choose their location and control the camera to their points of interest (in a similar manner to Google streetview). This method of image capture allows the viewer zoom, tilt, pan etc.

What are the capabilities and benefits of Enhanced Panoramic 360 Project Updates?

The web based portal allows the viewer to interactively view 360 of a single or multiple viewpoints. The overlaid masterplan information provides a clearly understanding of lot and stage boundaries. Such masterplan information can also provide an understanding of proximity to amenities and points of interest against the existing natural and geographic features of the site and surrounds.

During construction phase, the portal can provide current and potential purchasers with construction progress of the project relative to the stage or lot boundaries that interest them. The accuracy of this imagery also provides a true representation of construction progress that customers and project teams can trust. The web portal can be readily uploaded to project websites.

An example of this functionality is provided below

These models are a cost effective communication tool and are developed utilising our in-house drone pilots, surveyors and software developers.

Our Visual Media and Surveying & Spatial teams are part of an integrated consultancy providing specialist services to the property and infrastructure sectors across Victoria, NSW and the ACT.

Should you wish to discuss the use of enhanced panoramic 360 project updates please do not hesitate to contact Michael Lyons or Stephen Motta.

360 panorama, project updates, drone imagery, masterplan overlay, surveying, visual media
Michael Lyons
Studio Manager
Visual Media
P: +61 3 9993 7896

360 panorama, project updates, drone imagery, masterplan overlay, surveying, visual media
Stephen Motta
Senior Associate
Surveying and Spatial
P: +61 3 9993 7808

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