Sustainable Park, Highlands Project Milestone
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18 April 2019

Sustainable Park, Highlands Project Milestone


Project Milestone!

Sustainable Park, Highlands is a project the Spiire Landscape Architecture team have been working with StocklandULS GroupFleetwoodBigFish and Hume City Council on for over 4 years now, and we’re excited to announce it is now complete!

The client approached us with a site they had been using to store excess construction materials from civil works and other projects. The park took on a bit of a sustainability slant, looking to salvage further surplus materials and parts from other projects to provide interesting, custom play and art to the landscape as well as being sensitive to a conservation area and providing educational and interpretive information about indigenous wildlife.

We have created a really unique park with lots of opportunities for kids to explore and learn whilst playing in a really rich landscape setting. We’re confident the park will be a real hit with local families and will hopefully encourage the community to pursue a more sustainable way of life as a result!

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