Spiire’s Business Continuity Plan in Response to COVID-19
19 March 2020

Spiire’s Business Continuity Plan in Response to COVID-19


Dear valued clients and friends,

As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rapidly evolve, I would like to update our clients and stakeholders on the measures Spiire has been steadily putting in place over the last three weeks, and the high priority we are giving business continuity throughout this uncertain period. We have enacted our Business Continuity Plan in response to COVID-19 and adopted various measures to ensure minimal impact to your projects.

Our foremost concern continues to be preserving the health and wellbeing of our staff and our customers during this period.

Decision Making:

We have enacted our Business Continuity Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and have adopted a risk and fact based decision making framework in accordance with ISO3100 – Risk Management which will ensure that the business can continue to operate during these uncertain times in a safe manner while providing continuity to our clients.

Remote Work Arrangements:

I want to reassure our clients that we have made the necessary provisions to move to full remote-working arrangements should it become necessary.

Spiire are able to establish a remote working arrangement that allows all project critical staff to work remotely at any given moment. The IT framework has always been in place within the Spiire environment for staff to work remotely and accessing information and work on project critical data from any remote location is something that our staff are well adjusted to. Project critical staff that have a site based role have access to the necessary software, hardware (including survey equipment and vehicles) and project data at all times.

This plan has been enacted to both ensure the health and wellbeing of our people and minimal disruption to your projects.

External Supply Chain & Stakeholders:

Our business leaders and project managers are in regular contact with supply chain elements such as government agencies, authorities and specialist suppliers which may have an impact on your projects. This regular communication will be used to pre-emptively identify potential service disruptions whilst attempting to achieve timely approvals during times of regular service production.

We will also be seeking to obtain an understanding of the government agencies, authorities and specialist suppliers contingency planning in order to keep our clients informed.

Staff Accessibility:

Spiire has a workforce of over 300 staff across 6 offices that ensures that projects will be able to be resourced in the event of a Coronavirus incident in any given location.

We have an established, and independently verified, process that provides a systematic approach for project teams to be created across offices and for project work to be shared across individual offices. All project critical staff have remote access and communication channels. We have also taken active measures to minimise non-essential travel between offices and enforced nonattendance at events and conferences (where not critical), limiting the potential for wide-spread staff absenteeism.

These measures have been developed to ensure that staff availability is maintained to support your projects.


We have established regular communication channels with staff to ensure that project teams are able to clearly and accurately communicate with clients on our business continuity plan.

We will continue to rely on direct communication to clients via the project teams; however, in the event of a significant change in situation, we have established a database of client contact details to broadcast any change in situation (i.e. government enforced shut-down period).

We are a business that values the personal relationships with our clients and would encourage any clients to reach out to their Spiire contact should they have any further questions or require clarification. Alternatively, any clients are free to contact the following members of the Management Team to discuss.

Mark Breuer
Managing Director
Ph: 03 9993 7973
Email: mark.breuer@spiire.com.au

Morne Henderson
General Manager – Melbourne & Geelong
Ph: 03 9993 7827
Email: morne.henderson@spiire.com.au

Max Bomben
General Manager – ACT
Ph: 02 6102 1007
Email: max.bomben@spiire.com.au

Michael Lewis
General Manager – Northern Victoria
Ph: 03 5849 1013
Email: Michael.lewis@spiire.com.au



Mark Breuer
Managing Director

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