Smart Cities, Wyndham Tech School
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Smart Cities, Wyndham Tech School


Wyndham Tech School


Melbourne, VIC

Spiire was engaged by Wyndham Tech School to provide the creative and technical delivery for a one-day program that invites students to explore data-driven decision making.

This immersive Smart Cities experience is a partnership with Wyndham City Council to engage students with data and demonstrate career pathways in the data science industry.

Students will team up in groups of up to three to choose from four different roles and plan a local festival. They can then test and adapt their decisions in a simulation projected onto an interactive 3D model that uses real-time data to show flow-on effects to key stakeholders such as attendees, food truck operators, local residents and businesses.

Our Visual Media team worked closely with our clients to develop the creative concept for the activation by co-designing the theme and scenarios that will bring the idea to life.

Our solution allows students to sit around a physical surface that serves as the basis for the data projection. By connecting to this projection through their laptops, they can then interact with and influence the simulation.

The technical delivery includes creating the application students will use to navigate their initial decision making, spatial design of the simulation room and projection surface with 3D printed scale model of nearby Watton Street, and designing the real-time motion graphics, artwork and quadrophonic audio that will enact the data simulation.

In its idle mode, the simulation plays back real-time data from local smart devices for students to observe trends such as and parking, smart bins and public Wi-Fi usage.

The event simulation mode enacts the student’s festival plans. The game engine incorporates the students’ decisions to show the effect on stakeholder satisfaction and how attendees are moving through the festival. Students are encouraged to react in real time to changing conditions and stakeholder satisfaction levels.

We’re proud the project was recognised with the gold award in the Digital – Education category of the 2023 Better Futures Melbourne Design Awards and a commendation in the Technology and Digital Innovation category of the 2023 Planning Institute of Australia Victorian Awards for Excellence.

Spiire Visual Media team celebrates winning gold in the Digital - Education category of the 2023 Better Futures Melbourne Design Awards.

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