Mitchell’s Run Estate
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Mitchell’s Run Estate is located in Doreen, 26 kilometres northeast of Melbourne.

Back in 2006, Spiire was asked to complete a due diligence review for the project area. Our subsequent analysis underpinned the full proposal.

Spiire was commissioned to provide all of the engineering works and develop a commercially viable, landscape masterplan, which formed the overall vision for the site and was the basis for all works.

The plan described the development of a drainage reserve central to the residential area with key public amenities, like picnic and play areas, integrated throughout.

One of our key challenges was to design and construct a new drainage corridor that was natural in appearance and retained the site’s indigenous trees and basalt outcrops. Their protection was key to the continuing natural charm of the area.

The drainage corridor needed to be able to treat our stormwater, as well as four incomplete surrounding developments before entering the Plenty River. We achieved this by creating a series of wetlands and raingardens.

We also considered the long-term health of the vegetation, which is enhanced by the periodic flooding allowed for in the design.

Still under development, the project maximises the natural features of the site, while providing key amenities.

In 2013, Mitchell’s Run was awarded the UDIA Award for Excellence in the Residential Development of 250 lots or more category.

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