Coburg Hill Estate, Coburg North
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The Coburg Hill Estate development has been a major success for Satterley. Coburg Hill involved the redevelopment of the former Kodak factory at Coburg North. The 21-hectare site featured a mix of townhouses, residential dwellings and a commercial precinct yielding 520 dwellings. The development consisted of seven stages with Satterley teaming with Spiire, the builders Metricon and Boutique Homes to construct over 265 townhouses.

The project has led the industry in medium density development and has executed strong Integrated Water Management (IWM) initiatives including rainwater harvesting and WSUD treatment to achieve in excess of best practice requirements for stormwater quality treatment and reuse. Given the innovations adopted on site, engagement with local stakeholders including Moreland City Council and Melbourne Water has been critical to the success of the project.

Spiire were required to undertake site remediation while safeguarding Edgars Creek. The site is subject to an Environmental Sensitivity Overlay (ESO1) relating to Edgars Creek, as such any work within the ESO1 needed to comply with the objectives and requirements.

Spiire undertook site investigations as a number of constraints such as shape and topography of the site influenced the drainage strategy. The site has a steep slope and required integration of built form with the steep terrain.

A number of stormwater management options were considered on the site to meet council requirements. Prior to submitting the formal application, Spiire made a feasibility application to Melbourne Water, as a referral authority, to ensure the proposed drainage strategy was acceptable.

By working collaboratively with the key project stakeholders, this project was successfully delivered for Satterley and was 2017 nominee for the UDIA awards.

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