Bendigo Municipal Baths Redevelopment
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Bendigo Municipal Baths Redevelopment



Spiire’s Landscape Architecture, Water Engineering and Visual Media teams were engaged by the Greater City of Bendigo to be the lead designers for the revitalisation of the City’s Municipal Baths site. The project involves the redevelopment of the former Bendigo Municipal Baths – and open water lake – within Rosalind Park, Bendigo for the use and enjoyment of the community and visitors.

Spiire is the lead consultant on the project, and together with sub-consultants is engaged to design and document the revitalised community precinct for construction. This concept design that is now complete, transforms the site from its current neglected state to a high quality public parkland centred around the waterbody.

Historically, the Baths (constructed in 1912-13) was a bathing facility where the community swam in the open water. The facility included changing rooms, training infrastructure, jetty’s and a grandstand and the current water body was fenced off to the public in the 1980’s.

The design for the Baths’ redevelopment strives to strengthen the community’s collective memory of the Baths and celebrate the experience of ‘people coming together around water’ and being ‘immersed in the water’s landscape’. Our design response is a careful curation of bringing that memory back to life for a new generation of use. Through the celebrating of water, design demonstrates an appreciation of combining ecological values with community amenity in an urban setting.

The design includes a reinterpretation of the old Baths’ structures in the north east corner of the waterbody and seeks to represent the spirit of the Baths’ by including a small water play area – the ‘Paddling Paddock’ as a gesture to former paddling reserve for young children. This will provide the community with the opportunity to interact with water again and maintain the site’s legacy with water. The design also includes improvements to the quality and presentation of the water, including adding indigenous riparian and aquatic vegetation, to create a site rich with biodiversity. Construction of a boardwalk, circulation paths, shelters and picnicking facilities will provide abundant opportunity for community enjoyment.

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