Maude Street Mall Project Hits Key Milestone
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Maude Street Mall Workshop 1
27 November 2017

Maude Street Mall Project Hits Key Milestone

The Shepparton Maude Street Mall Revitalisation project has hit a key milestone with the first stakeholder engagement workshop being undertaken on Tuesday 21 November.

An initiative of Greater Shepparton City Council, The Maude Street Mall Revitalisation project seeks to inject life into the central Shepparton shopping precinct.

Engaged as lead consultant, Spiire Shepparton is working with prominent place transformation organisation ‘The Space Agency’ to ensure the Maude Street Mall revitalisation is a place that people connect with and provides benefit to the wider community.

“We are inspired by how great city centres bring together communities of all ages, cultures, and interests. We understand that when locals cherish their activated spaces, visitors follow,” said Spiire Project Lead and Landscape Architect Lauren Gillard.

As part of the process, Spiire and The Space Agency hosted a stakeholder workshop with a variety of stakeholder groups from across Greater Shepparton.

The workshop sought to generate an engaging information-gathering workshop which allowed for a wide-range of stakeholders to share their ideas on the current and future functionality of the Maude Street Mall as well as gain feedback on preliminary concepts.

The workshop saw three conceptual designs and a fourth short-term trial option presented to the group as follows:

Acting Director Sustainable Development, Colin Kalms said “the workshop was a great opportunity to explore how the designs would maximise the economic, social and cultural value of the space”.

An active and robust forum, the initial Maude Street Mall workshop has created a positive dialogue for further concept development.

“The results from the workshop will be presented to the council and will contribute towards the ongoing development of the designs,” said Mr Kalms.

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