Concept Design Plans reveal future opportunities for Shepparton’s Maude Street Mall
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15 May 2018

Concept Design Plans reveal future opportunities for Shepparton’s Maude Street Mall

Counsellors from Greater Shepparton City Council met on Tuesday 15th May to present four concept design options for the Maude Street Mall Revitalisation project.

The key design ideas developed by Spiire have been a collaborative process where the client, design team, consultants and stakeholders have come together to envisage the Mall and CBD’s new public future. The designs have been in development since a stakeholder engagement meeting in November 2017, and incorporate feedback and insights gained from this session. This council meeting marks the release of the concept plans to the broader community for the first time.

Spiire Australia have completed a package of works for Council that explored a number of different options for a proposed redevelopment of a key asset to the Shepparton CBD. Spiire were able to involve a diverse range of stakeholders in the design process and incorporate a broad spectrum of views and uses of space into the concepts. Spiire’s professionalism and commitment to engaging closely with stakeholders has resulted in a series of designs that are based on a strong technical and engineering foundation and informed by community feedback. Spiire have been highly accommodating in liaising directly with stakeholders and operating in a challenging political environment. Their clear communication of the project’s outcomes and brief has maintained clarity and ensured that stakeholders have been informed and involved throughout the design process. – Geraldine Christou, Director Sustainable Development

These designs offer the community an opportunity to re-imagine Shepparton’s CBD and understand the spatial qualities of the site. Spiire is excited to share the designs which include The Stewart Street ‘arts walk’ an element in all four options. The walk will introduce street art, bespoke paving treatments and installations, and visually connect to Maude Street by colourful overhead lighting.

The Riverine Pocket Park inspired by the journey of water offers a small and intimate green space for the CBD, a custom designed playground differs in scale throughout the options, open event spaces, textured planting and custom made timber seating patterning’s here are reminiscent of the surrounding riverine environment.

The central shared zone is the focal point of the Maude Street experience, and varies slightly in detail over the four options. The raised crossings provide safe access for pedestrians and cyclists, while space for events, large public artwork, large shade trees and decorative paving are also features of the space.

Community feedback gathered throughout the consultation process will assist Council in determining which option will progress further through the design process.

For more information and to share your feedback, please click here.

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